the 1st App
for Instant

The first real-time recruitment
platform that allows employers
in urgent need of staff to instantly
contact candidates who are online
and available nearby.

An app that gets straight to the point

Find jobs instantly with our app that connects you in real-time with employers in urgent need of staff around you.

Geolocate – View

Jobs appear on the map with 3-color icons indicating the hiring urgency level; you can also sort them by urgency and contract type.


View job details and employer information.


Directly apply with 1 click, which will grant the employer access to your complete profile.


Use our integrated chat feature to communicate with employers in a simple and unintrusive way.


Access your entire history: jobs for which your profile has been pre-selected, applications sent and favorite jobs.


Browse the jobs for which your profile has been pre-selected by employers to find out whether you are on their shortlist.

Create your profile in less than two minutes

Enter your first name, last name, photo and the position(s) for which you think you are qualified and have experience with and then your job search radius. You also have the option of filming yourself with your smartphone directly from the app by recording a 30-second clip, which allows you to introduce yourself even more effectively to employers when applying for jobs.

Instant access to jobs

Available jobs appear on the map with colored icons indicating the 3 hiring urgency levels. You can sort them by urgency and contract type (permanent, fixed-term, additional staff, freelance/independent, interim/seasonal, internship or apprenticeship). You can also browse the jobs in list-form. Apply easily and with 1 click.

View your dashboard

In the MY JOBS section, find all your activities on your dashboard and access your history, the jobs for which your profile has been pre-selected, applications sent and your favorite jobs.

Messaging and Chat

Receive notifications every time a job is posted that matches your criteria or if an employer contacts you directly. With INSTIRE, all notifications are sent in real-time, which means that employers who post a job or contact you are logged in at the time you receive the notification. So, you can apply and start a conversation directly using our integrated chat feature, for example, by telling them that you are immediately available or soon will be.

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