the 1st App
for Instant

The first real-time recruitment
platform that allows employers
in urgent need of staff to instantly
contact candidates who are online
and available nearby.

An app that gets straight to the point.

Find candidates instantly with our app that connects you in real-time with available candidates around you.

Geolocate – View

Available candidates appear on a map with their availability status, you can sort profiles by status and by position.


View candidates' profiles and their experience, and for those who have applied, you can access their complete profile with picture, contact details, and video introduction.


Send your job offer directly to a candidate you have identified on the map to let them know that you are interested.


Use our integrated chat feature to communicate in a simple and unintrusive way with candidates who have applied or who you have identified on the map.


Pre-select the candidates that you think are most promising and start creating your shortlist.


Once you have identified the best candidates, you can begin the recruitment process by contracting directly with the candidates.

Convenient and intuitive, post your job offer quickly and effortlessly

Post your job offer by selecting the industry and position, contract type, hiring urgency level (now, tomorrow, or later), compensation, job description, and workplace address. You can also add a picture (workplace, logo, team, etc.) to make your offer more visible and original. You can even introduce your business with an optional 30-second video clip.

Access candidates in less than 2 minutes

Candidates who are online can apply directly as soon as you have published your offer, and you will be able to view their complete profiles, including their resumes and video introductions. To have even more candidates apply for your job, you can also locate available candidates on the map and directly send your offer to them via the POKE button. You can also call them or communicate in a simple and unintrusive way using our integrated chat feature. Pre-select the candidates that you think are the most promising, so they can access your contact information, chat with you, and ask questions about your offer or the business.

View your dashboard

Find all your activities on your dashboard: posted jobs history, active offers (you can view and edit them), pre-selected candidates, and applications received (but not yet processed).

Messaging and Chat

Receive notifications every time a candidate applies or contacts you. With INSTIRE, all notifications are sent in real-time, which means that candidates who apply or contact you through the chat are online, ready to engage and work immediately or at least very soon. You can chat with all the candidates who have applied to your job offers, as well as the candidates you have identified on the map.

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