About Us

Our Vision

The world of work is changing!

As entrepreneurs and managers, INSTIRE'S founders themselves went through all the difficulties of recruiting and building their teams throughout their careers. When they were young, they also experienced the jungle that is the job market and the frustration of applying for jobs. Building on these experiences, accelerating the recruitment process by creating a tool that allows real-time interactions and a more equitable balance of power between the two parties, Employers and Candidates, became the obvious answer. INSTIRE is dusting off a sector that has not experienced innovation for years by expertly meeting the urgent needs of daily recruitment in this new work paradigm.

Our Mission

Instire considerably modernizes and simplifies recruitment.

The apps we use regularly make our daily lives easier, providing us with direct, immediate and efficient service at our fingertips. Generations Y and Z (18-40 years old) did not yet have their preferred tool for recruiting and finding jobs. INSTIRE makes it possible to reduce recruitment times from a few weeks/days to literally a few moments for urgent placements, additional staff, temporary work, summer jobs, internships and also for permanent and fixed-term contracts that need to be filled quickly.
A simple, reactive and intuitive tool, INSTIRE allows instant, “live” interactions between candidates and recruiters whereas current platforms rely on a very traditional, tedious and not very user-friendly model.

Our Values

Make the recruitment faster, easier and more human, thanks to technology and strong values.

For medium to very small businesses and merchants, whose managers/owners are also Chief human resources officers, recruitment, in addition to being energy-intensive and time-consuming, requires a substantial annual budget. On the candidates' side, the struggle of identifying jobs matching their criteria, the lack of human interactions and the antiquated and obsolete functioning of current platforms, cause fatigue and discouragement in their job search.

With INSTIRE, direct and human contacts between candidates and employers take place in real-time and allow for immediate matches.

INSTIRE has a visual, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that offers unique features such as video presentation of candidates and employers, jobs & candidates geolocation, live chat.

INSTIRE becomes the 24/7 recruitment assistant for both employers and candidates.

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